En Primeur Bordeaux 2016

2016 Vintage Report

The 2016 growing season started badly with a wet spring and mildew – but it got better and better…and better and ended with a fabulous late harvest with ripe fruit in perfect condition throughout all Bordeaux. All the major grape varieties – Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc – were successful and overall quantity produced was above average which should (repeat should) mean that prices are stable (although of course for us sterling has weakened by 10% + against the euro). Comparisons are already being made with the 2015 vintage with ‘unidentical twins’ being mentioned. Whether is better than 2015 remains to be seen but it is certainly up there as somewhere between a very good vintage and a really great vintage.

In years like this the more affordable wines are all very good and represent great value for money……more to follow when we visit Bordeaux again at the end of the month.

Bordeaux has been hit by severe frosts in late April which looks as if it will have a potentially devastating effect on their 2017 Harvest.

Although the full extent of the damage has not yet been assessed it may be as bad as in 1991 when Bordeaux only produced approx 30% of its normal yield and the quality also suffered not only that year but also in the following 2 vintages.

This makes the 2016 vintage an even more compelling buy.