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   2012 En Primeur
En Primeur


2009 Bordeaux En Primeur

2009 Bordeaux En Primeur

I’ve just come back from Bordeaux and, with the harvesting complete, I can confirm everything is in place for 2009 to be a sensational vintage. Expectations are running high for winemaker and consumer alike, and justly so; you’d have to back to the climatology of the 1940s to find comparably favourable conditions. It seems certain that 2009 batch will leave even the lauded 2005 vintage in the dust. It is perhaps unsurprising then that wine enthusiasts can barely contain their excitement, even when we’re so many months away from the en primeur release. With such a pristine vintage on our hands competition for stock allocation is fiercer than it has ever been, with many wine merchants confessing that they are unsure of their bargaining power when facing such eagerness on all sides. And so, in the interests of staying ahead of the crowd, I have decided to offer a range of en primeur vouchers to my clients. These will allow you to get your hands on that certain premier cru you’re after and puts us in an excellent position when negotiating with the Bordeaux merchants. Customers will receive the following additional benefits:
  • Every voucher purchased up until midnight on the 10th of January 2010 will have its value topped up by 5%. This is to reward your loyalty to our company. During the purchasing process of the voucher on line, you will have space to tell us of your preferred wine/wish list. You can see a list of the Bordeaux classifications by clicking here to pick and choose your preference.
  • Customers who purchase these vouchers will be given special preference in our allocations for 2009 En Primeur wines.
  • Customers who make a purchase will have online access to the exclusive En Primeur unique Personal Portfolio Tracker (PPT). Using this powerful tool you will be able to administer your account, see all your transactions, view your up-to-date investment status (in great detail) and receive immediate SMS/email notification as En Primeur wines are released.
  • Just in case your circumstances change, you can ask for return of the sum invested excluding the top-up (no questions asked). Please note that a written notification has to be sent to us at least 60 days before the release of the voucher sum to your account. The above is applicable up to the point at which the voucher has been redeemed. During the above period you can always redeem the voucher value (excluding the top-up) as a whole or in parts in exchange for products in our online shop.
Stay tuned as en-primeur is going to be the most exciting ever - I will get back to you with more news when it comes in.

All the best,

Marco Correia,
Managing Director.

P.s. Buy your En Primeur 2009 vouchers today!

2009 Voucher - £1000
2009 Voucher - £1000
2009 Voucher - £2500
2009 Voucher - £2500
2009 Voucher - £5000
2009 Voucher - £5000
2009 Voucher - £10000
2009 Voucher - £10000
2009 Voucher - £15000
2009 Voucher - £15000
2009 Voucher - £20000
2009 Voucher - £20000
2009 Voucher - £25000
2009 Voucher - £25000
2009 Voucher - £50000
2009 Voucher - £50000
2009 Voucher - £100000
2009 Voucher - £100000

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